12 NEW DEMOS: Recorded on a Tascam 4-track tape machine. Inspired by the Bruce Springsteen album, "Nebraska," which was recorded on similar equipment. In Brandi Carlile's new book, she says, "God loves the sound of analog tape." These are demo versions with all their cuts and bruises.

This Too Shall Pass

Chris Wilhelm

Singer/songwriter Chris Wilhelm debuted his breakthrough album, “This Too Shall Pass” at the Isis Music Hall in Asheville, NC on August 20, 2020. His first album in five years, Chris utilized complex harmonies and heartfelt lyrics to take his listeners through the vast range of emotions we so often experience while grappling with a difficult situation—whether a worldwide pandemic, a broken romance, a history of trauma, or one of the other perplexing, anguished varieties of human experience.
In this new album, Chris performs 12 new songs in which he delves more fully than ever before into the painful depths and joyful heights of the difficult but necessary journey from harm to healing to happiness. Throughout, Chris and the album’s top-notch back-up band—Joshua Maddox on drums; album co-producer Chris Rosser on keyboard, acoustic + electric guitar; Zack Page on standup bass; Matt Smith on pedal steel guitar; and Asher Leigh and Debrissa McKinney on back-up vocals—finally achieve the sound that Chris had long heard in his head and felt in his heart.

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In 2004, Chris released his first album, "McKinsley Steel" - it is well loved by many of his fans and includes classic songs such as "Travellin' on Down" and the title track.

In 2005 Chris Wilhelm released an album called "This Train's Not Going Slow." It reached #3 on Boston's 88.7FM WERS radio charts, and he played shows in many Boston venues including Club Passim, etc. 

In 2008 Chris did his first solo tour, down to New Orleans and back to Boston. He released his second studio album, "Glory, Filth and Fame." 

In 2010 he released a Kickstarter-funded CD called "Just Asking." 

From 2012-2015 he played 225 shows a year as the singer-songwriter for The Wilhelm Brothers. They released two studio albums with Henry Hirsch, producer of Lenny Kravitz, Madonna, etc.: "Lay Your Burden Down" and "The Sea of the Unwritten." They also released live album "Like a Bird."